Alisal Fire Photos and Videos

Alisal Fire Photos and Videos title=
Alisal Fire a few hours after firefighters responded on October 11, 2021 (Photo: Scanner Andrew)
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Edhat readers submitted their photos and videos of the Alisal Fire that sparked on October 11, 2021 near Solvang and quickly expanded towards Highway 101 north of Goleta. For more information about the fire and its current status, click here.

By Scanner Andrew

Video and photos from October 11, shortly have the fire started.

Photos from Tuesday, October 12

Scenes near the freeway after the fire.

By Patrick G.

Here are closer shots of the fire along the 101. Was among the last cars to pass southbound where the fire met the highway just west of Refugio State Park.

By Max Rosenberg

Aerial view of the Alisal Fire on Monday, October 11th.

Views from Wednesday, October 13th.

By A.D.

Alisal Fire on Monday, October 11 captured from the northbound lanes of Highway 101

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