Air Quality Watch for the Weekend

Air Quality Watch for the Weekend title=
Air Quality Watch for the Weekend
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Image shows representation of smoke impacts from the fires burning in California

Source: Air Pollution Control District

Today, Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District and Santa Barbara County Public Health Department issued an Air Quality Watch for Santa Barbara County through the weekend. Smoke from fires burning elsewhere in the state is causing high levels of particulate matter throughout Santa Barbara County.

Current conditions throughout the county show levels of fine particles (PM 2.5) that range from unhealthy for sensitive groups — meaning children, seniors, and people with lung or heart conditions — to unhealthy for everyone. The air quality forecast for the weekend shows improvement from today’s conditions, but people are encouraged to stay alert to the air quality around them, as local conditions can change quickly depending on wind and weather.

See current conditions and forecasts on the District’s website:

We recommend that people avoid outdoor exercise and stay indoors when air quality conditions are poor. When driving, people should use the car’s recirculate feature to prevent smoky air from entering the vehicle. People can also set up a “clean air” room in their home by using a HEPA air purifier or attaching a HEPA filter to a box fan. See more information about HEPA purifiers:

If you have symptoms related to exposure to smoke, contact your doctor. Symptoms include repeated coughing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness or pain, palpitations, headaches, and nausea or unusual fatigue or lightheadedness.

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a-1558363282 Aug 24, 2018 02:10 PM
Air Quality Watch for the Weekend

Just like sunburns damage skin over time, it's cumulative (from childhood, onward), so do particulates damage lungs. These tiny particulates NEVER go away. Think of all the smoke from various fires nearby, and blown here from elsewhere; we breathed particulates. Get an air filter w/HEPA.

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