Aggressive Panhandler on E. Figueroa

A door-to-door panhandler is becoming angry with folks that refuse to give him money in the 400 block of E. Figueroa Street.


Written by Roger

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  1. Not sure what “aggressive” is intended to imply. No actual crime here and no statement of behavior that would be criminal per se. Soliciting alms is a 1st Amendment protected activity. More detail would be appreciated.

  2. Trespassing on private property is criminal, end of discussion. When someone commits that crime, then the issue of how resistant they get when you ask them to leave is subjective. I’ll always leave that interpretation open to the property owner by default.

  3. UPS person has contractual business with the property owner. They are de facto invited by virtue of the purchase and expected delivery. Did you think about that when you wrote your comment? All other approaches to a building are legally described as “solicitation”, which by definition are uninvited.

  4. I hear these calls more lately and feel it’s necessary to post them to warn others it’s dangerous to open your door in the first place you don’t know who people are and if they start getting angry because someone won’t give them money there is something wrong there…

  5. We grew up (ages 4-8) on that block. Used to walk to school to Roosevelt, five days a week, a whole group of us. That was a nice, quiet little neighborhood back then. It’s a shame if people can’t feel safe there (or anywhere!) thanks to roaming crazies. Guess now they’re branching out from State St. and the parks. Not enough tourists feeding drink/drugs change to panhandlers?

  6. Sometimes Edhat’s audience is so disappointing. Ad hoc expressions by uneducated people about difficult legal issues such as what is trespassing and what is allowed under the Constitution and how we should be able to punitively attack someone for behavior that is not even described in the posting but is “clearly wrong” for the vast multitude of judgmentals is pretty sad. A cry to allow due process and to actually know what an issue is about before you pontificate.

  7. It is trespassing if you go on private property especially if you are asked to leave. Here we have this virus going around and these asshats who usually hang out at grocery stores and freeway exits to panhandle snooping around peoples private homes to panhandle very annoying. Some people knock on doors and if there is no answer they break in. I hope everyone calls the police on these people go to the rescue mission if you need help.

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