Active Shooter Training at Santa Barbara Airport

Active Shooter Training at Santa Barbara Airport title=
Active Shooter Training at Santa Barbara Airport
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Source: City of Santa Barbara 

[Last week] local first responders from fire and law enforcement agencies gathered at the Santa Barbara Airport for a joint training exercise. The purpose of the exercise was to allow law enforcement, fire personnel, and emergency medical personnel an opportunity to practice and execute what they’ve learned in prior training in response to active shooter and mass murder incidents.

The scenario included an active shooter incident with a suspect-at-large and victims at the airport terminal. Law enforcement contact teams were used to search find and neutralize the threat. A Unified Command (Law, Fire, EMS, Airport), was established.  Rescue Task Forces removed victims and transported them to a Casualty Collection Point. A rescue task force is made up of fire personnel and law enforcement. RTF’s utilize casualty collection points, where patients are staged to maximize rapid assessment and treatment.

All county and city fire agencies, county and city law enforcement agencies and county EMSA, (including AMR) were invited to participate. The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and each Airport Authority will participate.

Photographs provided courtesy of the Santa Barbara City Fire Department

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