A Message from Nature

A message from nature (Photo by an edhat reader)

Does anyone else think this tree stump is trying to send us a message?

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      • Actually, it’s local government who are responsible,…they just like blaming Gavin it makes them look good and pretend so they don’t actually have to challenge their own party.
        Yes, Gavin could take executive action however it’s all about paying back campaign real estate donors.

        History has shown, the projects(High Density Housing) does Not work. New York officially tore them down , At the time it was considered a great idea…History is repeating it self.


        Furthermore, there is no physical housing shortage , Airbnb’s are driving up rents, and removed available homes to buy or rent long term. New York took action on the 29,000 Airbnbs within City limits… you must live in the house you Airbnb, allowing for room rental only.

        SB does not want to touch this because it is tax dollars, so instead they create the projects and make everyone suffer.

        • Time for change for Santa Barbara short term rentals.

          As per the article above, 1,150 homes ( potentially higher) zoned residential are illegally used as Airbnbs, VRBOs and Booking.com etc… these homes should be part of the housing element. Instead, Supervisors ignored State Law which protects Agricultural Land,@ San Marcos Growers, as well as ignored County Conservation Element, County Conservation Oak Woodlands, County Agricultural Element, ignored a protected scenic corridor, and historic agricultural land.
          Furthermore the Supervisors have now created adverse impacts for the community, trapping residents during evacuations .The rezone @ San Marcos, will add the size of a city to one block area.4000 cars for the 2000 rental units, further adding to the already heavily congested Hollister Avenue.

          New York Local Law 18
          NY Imposes $5,000 fine for unregistered short term rentals, require booking service to verify homes listed for short term rental, etc…

          SB county does not have to reinvent the wheel, enforce zoning laws, use illegally operated short term rentals for the housing element. This will protect prime ag, open space, water resources, air quality, noise, traffic congestion and health and safety as well as the quality of life. No one wants high density housing, it doesn’t work history has already proven this…. HIGH Density Housing destroys communities and increases crime.

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