4th of July: A Celebration of Freedom and Happiness

4th of July: A Celebration of Freedom and Happiness title=
4th of July: A Celebration of Freedom and Happiness
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It's almost 4th of July again, which means time for explosions and too many hot dogs! It's also time to severely injure ourselves with over-consumption and those sketchy fireworks you got at Uncle Steve’s garage sale. It's our tradition to blow stuff up in the name of the nation.

Even though you might have to see grandpa wearing shorts, and all your little cousins in the same American flag tank top, the 4th will mark a day of happiness and celebration that necessitates a deeper level of appreciation; of the wonderful country, we are privileged enough to be a part of.

Everyone knows that Independence Day marks the birth of our freedom in 1776.  But most don’t realize how much our nation has changed since then. The Founding Fathers were probably more likely to enjoy a celebratory meal of turtle soup and boiled potatoes than they would hot dogs and Freedom fries. Yet, we have come a long way, as July 4th now denotes the “biggest hot dog holiday of the year,” according to Time Magazine, which reports that Americans consume about 155 million of them on the 4th alone.

Independence day is a time to celebrate the immense steps our founding fathers took to preserve our freedom and happiness and to appreciate the freedom of expression we enjoy every day, as well as the liberties we have yet to attain. Let’s continue to preserve the free American spirit, and keep pushing the boundaries of that freedom, the freedom of expression, the freedom of love, the freedom of speech, and most importantly, the freedom of sparkling sky explosives and bad selfies.

There are many ways you can celebrate our nation's independence this year in beautiful Santa Barbara.

  1. The all-day celebration downtown, featuring a parade on state street and an evening of food, music, and fireworks.
  2. A Patriotic 4th of July concert featuring the West Coast Symphony Orchestra.
  3. The 4th of July Art show, featuring over 80 artists’ and artisans’ paintings, sculptures, art glass, leather goods, fabrics, woodworking, and more.
  4. And, for those who prefer a more mellow experience, a telescope viewing at Camino Real Marketplace.

Have fun, be safe, and appoint a designated driver!


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