2021 Los Niños de las Flores and Fiesta Pequena

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By Fritz Olenberger

The Los Niños de las Flores Visitations took place on Tuesday, August 4th. The children and Senoritas visited retirement homes, City Hall, the police station, and the Santa Barbara and Montecito Fire Stations.

Lia Parker, first Spirit of Fiesta, taken at Garden Court

Below are photos of dancers from the roof of the Mission before the start of Fiesta Pequeña on Wednesday.

Dancers in Veracruz costume that dance with Ballet Folklorico Bell Arts in Ventura. The studio director is Rebecca Duran.

Savannah Hooper, this year's Jr. Spirit of Fiesta.

Jasmine Coronel Torres


Teresa Nowak, last year's Saint Barbara

Yatzi Ponce

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