2020 March Edness Winners Announced

2020 March Edness Winners Announced title=
2020 March Edness Winners Announced
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By edhat staff

It was a tough and arduous battle, but the final winners of the 2020 March Edness game are being revealed. 

Our annual photo hunting game is fun and highly competitive while questioning how well you know your local area. Or just how well you remember details about your surroundings. After 20 days and numerous hours of hunting in person and on Google maps, our edhat players are now being honored. 

Our first place prize goes to the only player who received a perfect score this year with a 50 point total. Congratulations BRITT!

We had a two-way tie for second place between Penelope805 and holazola who both scored 46 points. On Tuesday, these players were embroiled in a tough lighting round March Edness game where they had to identify 3 secret locations within Santa Barbara County in 8 hours. 

Coming in at 2nd place is the player who identified all locations correctly, and the fastest, Penelope805. Coming in at 3rd place is Holazola. Congratulations to you all!

Honorable Mention Shoutouts

  • jsp047 (43 points)
  • HDB (38 points)
  • mfitch54 (36 points)
  • Camster (35 points)
  • Kcottrell (35 points)
  • Rone (35 points)
  • LisaD (33 points)
  • Macpuzl (30 points)
  • Tenoreleven (29 points)
  • Cones (28 points)
  • RexofSB (22 points)
  • Sacjon (19 points) 

March Edness Party?

As you could probably assume, the March Edness party has been postponed this year. Normally we hold a public gathering in the middle of April to celebrate the winners and to mingle with other edhat readers. Due to the coronavirus and social-distancing orders, we'll look into planning a separate gathering later this year.

However, the winners will still get prizes! Each winner will be able to choose the local restaurant, winery, or brewery of their choice to receive a gift card courtesy of edhat. We encourage everyone else to support local businesses and purchase gift cards to financially support them during this difficult time.

In case you're curious, below are the 3 locations and answers used for the tie-breaker:

Tie-Breaker #1

Answer: The side of the building at 955 Embarcadero del Mar in Isla Vista

Tie-Breaker #2

Answer: California map mural at 955 Guadalupe St. in Guadalupe

Tie-Breaker #3

Answer: Bottle Shop Liquor at 1200 Coast Village Rd in Montecito

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mfitch54 Apr 01, 2020 11:53 AM
2020 March Edness Winners Announced

Congratulations BRITT!!! And also congrats to Penelope and Holazola. This year was tough, but still a lot of fun. Hope you guys are all well. :)

holazola Apr 01, 2020 12:17 PM
2020 March Edness Winners Announced

Congratulations to both Britt and Penelope805! Amazing work. I guess I was the tortoise in the lightning round this year. And congratulations to all the other players too. Honestly there were a couple of lucky finds on my part! Just a couple of misses the whole month and it seems you're out of the top 10.

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