17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting title=
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting
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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff

As part of an on-going effort in Santa Barbara County to reduce the number of victims being abused by human traffickers, Sheriff’s detectives assigned to the Special Investigations Bureau and Criminal Investigations Bureau conducted a two-day undercover operation in the City of Goleta this past Thursday and Friday night, September 20 and 21, 2018. The purpose of the operation was to curb criminal activity related to purchasing sex. The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Santa Barbara Police Department and the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office. During the course of the operation, a total of 17 men were arrested for solicitation of prostitution. The men range from 19 to 78 years of age and reside in different areas of the county.

For this particular sting, investigators placed an online ad on several websites known for online prostitution-related advertisements. The advertisement announced the availability of a female willing to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money. Once the ads were placed, an undercover detective negotiated a sexual act for an amount of money. After the negotiation, the undercover detective gave the person the location of the hotel meeting place. Once the person arrived at the location, the person was arrested for solicitation of prostitution. All subjects arrested were cooperative when contacted by arresting detectives.

The following 17 male subjects were arrested, and then booked and released with a notice to appear for violation of 647(b), PC, solicitation of prostitution.

  • 45-year-old Jeffrey Goddard of Carpinteria

  • 30-year-old Cassidy King of Carpinteria

  • 24-year-old Jorge Sifuentes-Dominguez of Goleta

  • 50-year-old A.Thomas Hunt Jr. of Goleta

  • 41-year-old Matthew Geanta of Santa Barbara

  • 48-year-old Juan Pimentel-Campos of Goleta

  • 39-year-old Jorge Lorca Jr. of Santa Barbara

  • 55-year-old Dr. Richard Davis of Santa Barbara

  • 29-year-old Jose Nava-Carbajal of Santa Barbara

  • 31-year-old Owen Wright of Los Olivos

  • 34-year-old Soupitak Pal of Goleta

  • 19-year-old Joshua Silverstein of Santa Barbara

  • 29-year-old Dimitar Dimtrov of Santa Barbara

  • 23-year-old Rodolfo Cortes-Avelino of Goleta

  • 23-year-old Alain Pereira of Santa Barbara

  • 27-year-old David Joseph Gomez of Santa Barbara

  • 78-year-old Frank Palmer of Goleta


Davis was also found to be in possession of a loaded needle containing suspected fentanyl and methamphetamine and was booked on an additional charge of possession of a controlled substance. He posted $20,000 bail and was released.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to conduct stings, which are intended to curb and deter human trafficking throughout Santa Barbara County. Over the years, the number of online prostitution related advertisements have grown substantially. A majority of the women advertised as prostit utes are victims of various types of abuse and/or human trafficking. One issue that drives human trafficking is the demand for women to engage in sexual exploitation. By conducting this type of operation, the intention is to deter people from searching for a prostitute, thereby reducing the demand and reducing the amount of women who fall victim to the abuse of human trafficking. 

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a-1590943267 Sep 25, 2018 09:01 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Sprigofsage - if this involved an ad for an under-age female (or male), then that fact would be plastered all over this article. It's not, so I am 99.999999% sure it wasn't so.

jdoggydogg Sep 25, 2018 08:11 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

If human trafficking is what the intent is here, to actually combat human trafficking, then they should actually do THAT. Put some real 'boots on the ground' and go after human trafficking. I wonder, was there a lower level trafficker part of this operation who will 'turn' and lead the law to a 'bigger' trafficker. Does not appear so, so, again, another waste. Would love to see what the gal looked like. Entrapment City.

a-1590943267 Sep 25, 2018 07:22 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

LOL most of these comments are awesome, they restore my faith in humanity. Love that my tax dollars went to this idiocy, while I still can't walk down State Street for fear of some bum attacking me, or sit on any of the benches there lest I get Hep C. Can I get a refund?

a-1590943267 Sep 25, 2018 05:48 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Evidently they're all guilty without a trial. Who decided public shaming was acceptable for a crime that might not have even occurred? This type of law enforcement and publicity seems like something that might be done in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

a-1590943267 Sep 25, 2018 05:28 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Back in the old days at the News-Press, arrest mugshots were rarely published unless it was a crime involving additional victims who might recognize the perpetrator and come forward, or the arrestee was someone well-known whose story -- and photo -- would receive continuing coverage until the person was either convicted or cleared. Readers were too likely to remember the police mugshot and arrest but not the ultimate outcome ("innocent until proven guilty"), editors reasoned.

REX OF SB Sep 25, 2018 07:51 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Back in the not-too-distant past, the identity of anyone arrested for any kind of sexual crime was withheld from publication UNTIL CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE FILED. For the Sheriff's Office to release the names AND PICTURES of these suspects is unconscionable. And while I support Edhat 100% in most matters, I question whether publishing these names and pictures is in the best public interest.

jdoggydogg Sep 24, 2018 10:44 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Amazing use of resources, not! Lets embarrass the community by all these photos that were part of a STING set up by local law enforcement. How much was the grant for this operation? Seriously, nothing better to do than set this up? Kinda like a CHP sitting on the highway looking from someone speeding, just like shooting fish in a barrel. Go SB!

Yeti Sep 24, 2018 09:10 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

What a bag full of losers! Google some of these names and check out their priors. These ARE the right guys to arrest. They help support human trafficking and the exploitation of poor young girls sold into slavery. These guys are complete Knuckle heads and deserve a good shakedown by the cops.


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