17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting title=
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting
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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff

As part of an on-going effort in Santa Barbara County to reduce the number of victims being abused by human traffickers, Sheriff’s detectives assigned to the Special Investigations Bureau and Criminal Investigations Bureau conducted a two-day undercover operation in the City of Goleta this past Thursday and Friday night, September 20 and 21, 2018. The purpose of the operation was to curb criminal activity related to purchasing sex. The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Santa Barbara Police Department and the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office. During the course of the operation, a total of 17 men were arrested for solicitation of prostitution. The men range from 19 to 78 years of age and reside in different areas of the county.

For this particular sting, investigators placed an online ad on several websites known for online prostitution-related advertisements. The advertisement announced the availability of a female willing to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money. Once the ads were placed, an undercover detective negotiated a sexual act for an amount of money. After the negotiation, the undercover detective gave the person the location of the hotel meeting place. Once the person arrived at the location, the person was arrested for solicitation of prostitution. All subjects arrested were cooperative when contacted by arresting detectives.

The following 17 male subjects were arrested, and then booked and released with a notice to appear for violation of 647(b), PC, solicitation of prostitution.

  • 45-year-old Jeffrey Goddard of Carpinteria

  • 30-year-old Cassidy King of Carpinteria

  • 24-year-old Jorge Sifuentes-Dominguez of Goleta

  • 50-year-old A.Thomas Hunt Jr. of Goleta

  • 41-year-old Matthew Geanta of Santa Barbara

  • 48-year-old Juan Pimentel-Campos of Goleta

  • 39-year-old Jorge Lorca Jr. of Santa Barbara

  • 55-year-old Dr. Richard Davis of Santa Barbara

  • 29-year-old Jose Nava-Carbajal of Santa Barbara

  • 31-year-old Owen Wright of Los Olivos

  • 34-year-old Soupitak Pal of Goleta

  • 19-year-old Joshua Silverstein of Santa Barbara

  • 29-year-old Dimitar Dimtrov of Santa Barbara

  • 23-year-old Rodolfo Cortes-Avelino of Goleta

  • 23-year-old Alain Pereira of Santa Barbara

  • 27-year-old David Joseph Gomez of Santa Barbara

  • 78-year-old Frank Palmer of Goleta


Davis was also found to be in possession of a loaded needle containing suspected fentanyl and methamphetamine and was booked on an additional charge of possession of a controlled substance. He posted $20,000 bail and was released.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to conduct stings, which are intended to curb and deter human trafficking throughout Santa Barbara County. Over the years, the number of online prostitution related advertisements have grown substantially. A majority of the women advertised as prostit utes are victims of various types of abuse and/or human trafficking. One issue that drives human trafficking is the demand for women to engage in sexual exploitation. By conducting this type of operation, the intention is to deter people from searching for a prostitute, thereby reducing the demand and reducing the amount of women who fall victim to the abuse of human trafficking. 

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Bug Girl Sep 28, 2018 07:57 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Here's a question for everyone: If 17 men were arrested and their names published, who was well connected enough to not have their mug shot publicized by the sherriff's department and edhat?

a-1538057091 Sep 27, 2018 07:04 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

1 - this is a press release from the SB County Sheriff's Dept., not an article written by Edhat. Same info was distributed by KSBY, KEYT, SM Times, etc.

2 - for those of you who still don't get it - Prostitution is not a victim-less crime. Human trafficking means that humans (mostly women but sometimes young men [and also children]) are made to commit acts against their will. Yes, prostitution exists because of demand. "Shaming" the customers is a way of lessening the demand by adding a consequence to breaking the law (paying for sex). I'm sure it's not the only action law enforcement takes, but it probably helps because most people don't want their name listed publicly in an embarrassing way.

a-1537984850 Sep 26, 2018 11:00 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Jumping in on this and the DA comments, yeah, she is on the Salud bandwagon for publicity. Did anyone see the ad in recent weeks on TV of the Firefighter and Bucket Brigade? Yeah, Mom and Son (firefighter) pushing for Salud, I wonder what's in it for them... sounds fishy. All under the pretense of keeping us safe. I agree, time for her to retire.

Luvaduck Sep 25, 2018 07:14 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Guys enjoy having sex? Who knew. These tried to pay for it and did not abduct, drug, liquor-up or straight out (no pun intended) rape some random woman. Not every man or woman has access to a sexual partner. Sex trafficking is real and no joke, but the place to start is legalizing brothels. Apply the same rules as for any other business dealing with the public. Regular health code inspections of the premises, social security, workmen's comp, payroll taxes, retirement plans, healthcare for the sex workers. Part of the cost of doing business. It would be impossible to employ illegally obtained females and guys who wanted a roll in the hay could do so in a responsible way that didn't put the women at risk and know that those servicing them were tested frequently and disease-free. This is another of those separate church and state issues. Shocking as it may seem, even the most religious have sex more often than they want to make babies. It's programmed into us. (Ask the founding fathers. <G>)

Roger Sep 25, 2018 05:54 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Edhat is not the only website that published the pictures and the names but edhat is the only one that takes online comments. I do hope to see letters to the editors of the other sites from some of you in acouple days...

a-1537912552 Sep 25, 2018 02:55 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

What's the connection with "human traffickers?" These guys merely responded to phony ads selling sexual services. Why not set up stings to arrest the prostitutes and their pimps?

Roger Sep 28, 2018 05:36 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

What in the hell are you talking about? If you were having a serious conversation you would not be anonymous oh I see your putting me down I'm looking forward to more pictures perhaps one day yours will be in here and you won't have to hide behind a number anymore.

a-1538125021 Sep 28, 2018 01:57 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

dammit, was replying to Roger's comment re: starting at the bottom. And Roger, if that was a sexual reference, it did not work. Most of us are having a serious conversation.

a-1538124930 Sep 28, 2018 01:55 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Do you really think that those arrested have knowledge about providers/pimps/ prostitutes who need to be saved? Why? How did this sting aid in trafficking investigations?

a-1537910642 Sep 25, 2018 02:24 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Bill Cosby was laughing after his setencing today. No more Pudding Pops for him...at least for 3 years. "Hey Bill, no Pudding Pops for you!"

Mas Gaviota Sep 25, 2018 11:39 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

If a website is going to publish photos and names of people arrested for a crime they need to publish EVERY photo and name for every person arrested for any crime

a-1537900377 Sep 25, 2018 11:32 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

SANTABARBARAOBSERVER: I hope others can observe my reply to your comment before your comment is deleted. My friendly advice to you would be for you to consider giving up accessing Edhat. If you continue scrutinizing Edhat, you may suffer some sort of stress attack due to your overblown expectations of what Edhat should contain and publish. Edhat isn't "all that." It's a site for people to peruse at leisure, perhaps gaining a bit of knowledge about local events and police reports and such. Commenters on Edhat use words like "picticular" (particular) and "your" (instead of "you're"). Edhat staff writers sometimes lack grammar skills (not a lot, but sometimes) and at times the headline captions, written poorly, are a laugh riot. You should take it all with a grain of salt, kick back and enjoy the fact that Edhat is a homespun, rustic effort that has its faults but is nothing if not entertaining.

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 26, 2018 07:58 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

I am very sorry that you conflate an opinion on the editorial integrity of a this site with a personal attack on you. EdHat is great for many things (gossip, nostalgia, "what's that siren?") but its not a news service. Not sure why you take that so personally, its simply a fact. EdHat selectively publishes stories based on what they deem worthy - its without any consistency or with journalistic integrity and to make matters worse, they consistently censor comments and stories they personally do not like or that run against their Pollyanna grain... Totally within their right and that's fine but dont confuse that journalism and you wont be so upset when people point out the obvious flaws in their editorial oversight. Shaming innocent men is not a decent act, its cheap and it undermines any semblance of editorial integrity. Its illegal in most countries and it should be illegal in ours. These people are innocent until proven guilty. Remember that and you will not feel so righteous in your condemnation of me or of these and other people shamed by gossip.

Bug Girl Sep 25, 2018 11:02 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

I thought he looked high AF on something and hasn't quite realized that his mug is gonna be around for solicitation of prostitution. Also might be his first offense, so he's used to smiling for pictures.

a-1538124369 Sep 28, 2018 01:46 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

This is a very important point. There are many men out there who don't have any sexual partners, want one, but don't conform to a vision of desirable. Of course paid-for sex should be legal! -- a woman.

SantaBarbaraObserver Sep 25, 2018 09:35 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

The problem is that EdHat is NOT news. They are not journalists, nor do they adhere to any ethical code of conduct other than the words of "Peter"... There is no editorial integrity nor any validation or verification of facts. EdHat is a local gossip website / community and this reeks of gossip and shame. In fact, shame on Edhat for publishing such sensationalist drivel while ignoring all sorts of other issues and crimes.

a-1538124262 Sep 28, 2018 01:44 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

So you, and those who agreed with you by upvoting your post, read Edhat just to criticize it? HA! ha ha. Yes, Edhat IS A BLOG. Best to you, I hope you find more good outlets.

jdoggydogg Sep 25, 2018 12:23 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

seriously? where is the journalism???? that is FUNNY! edhat is a blog, it posts things that are happening. that's it. there is no JOURNALISM ON EDHAT. you want journalism, watch Frontline.

Roger Sep 25, 2018 09:54 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Thank Dog we aien't journalists! Boy put the Homeless and someone from another land some of you are all over their crap a few guys out for some paid fun were SATAN...Will I'm proud to be an evil S.O.B. observe This...

sacjon Sep 25, 2018 09:48 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

SANTABARBAROBSERVER - as much as I despise this "sting" and public shaming, it's all over all the other local news sites, so I wouldn't necessarily blame Edhat for spreading gossip on this one.

a-1537980445 Sep 26, 2018 09:47 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

PITMIX - If you've been following the national news lately you've observed that facts no longer matter. It is accusations (whether true or not) that can bring down anyone. It is now guilty until proven innocent. So why not just throw all accusations against the wall and see if any of them stick?

jdoggydogg Sep 25, 2018 12:20 PM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Joyce Dudley rules like the New York authoritarian she is an quite proud of that. Keep in mind this SB College of Law CLOWN stole her job form another DA dying of cancer and fires immediately (Josh Lynne) anyone who dare oppose her. Theres a weird thing going on in the DA office and everyone knows it who works there. Get in line or get out is the policy. I know of those who've been fired there for raising questions on ethics, it's small town BS.

shorebird Sep 25, 2018 08:53 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

I can’t help but wonder if the posters protesting this successful sting have been or would be customers who put their own safety at risk. And how many are female? I’m guessing none

a-1537890954 Sep 25, 2018 08:55 AM
17 Arrested in Undercover Prostitution Sting

Shorebird - what was "successful" about this? Did any traffickers get taken down? No. Were any women put at risk? No. What exactly was so great about this?


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