New Online Business: helping people live their lives in spite of the challenges they face

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Christina's Considerations ( is a Santa Barbara based blog that dates back to 2005 and is featured in the National Library of Medicine’s collection and archive of medicine and public health blogs. The blog is now hosting a new online store, serving the needs of individuals with functional limitations brought on by aging, illness or chronic conditions, such as arthritis, Lyme, Multiple Sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy and other autoimmune diseases.

This new store compliments the blog with the thoughtful selection of products that can aid those with functional limitations. The goal is to help these individuals, and their family caregivers, live their lives in spite of the challenges they face. The focus is on solutions to aid in the self-management of conditions, aging-in-place and tools to support those with functional limitations. The growing collection of items are personally tested by Christina, a former hospital administrator, and featured in blog posts.

The store, powered by the e-commerce online store solution Ecwid, is at . And, Christina is always looking to identify new products to add.

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