Near To Me Training in Two Sports

Near To Me Training in Two Sports
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Santa Barbara Offers New Tennis and Soccer Sessions Together in One Package All Outdoors

Eight months ago a new business called Kāzé Academy (pronounced Kah-Zee) landed in Montecito, CA. CEO and Coach Kevin Kwizera has made it his mission to create a cozy open space with music to motivate and encourage kids through hard work and sweat during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kāzé Academy teaches kids from age three to 20. College students are welcome to attend workouts. Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, Kāzé makes sure to instruct at an outdoor facility where air can circulate freely. At his events, Coach Kevin enforces safety procedures. Everyone is required to wear masks and there is a limit on the members allowed.

Coach Kevin strongly explains "Kāzé means welcome, bring hard work, good energy, positive energy, good attitude, kindness, support one another, motivate one another, be there for each other, be nice especially on tennis court and soccer field."

He teaches soccer at Dwight Murphy Field and he teaches tennis at the Tennis Court and Pickleball Court. Recently, Kāzé Academy has teamed up with Santa Barbara’s F45 Training studio. Together they are building greater fitness opportunities in Santa Barbara County.

Coach Kevin once was Division One athlete in both tennis and soccer back in his native land Republic of Burundi, East Africa, before his mother passed away. His mother, Yvette Rwayongwe, owned a retail clothing store. Successfully she passed down her entrepreneurial talents to her son Kevin Kwizera. After her unexpected death he came to the States three-and-a-half years ago to begin his business training young athletes of all ages at Kāzé Academy.

He goes on to express his motivation: "Also believe in yourself otherwise without belief in myself there is no way I can own my own academy at 24-years-old.”


About Kāzé Academy
Kāzé Academy sessions are one hour long. They are held outdoors on Lower Manning Park, 449 San Isidro Road, Montecito, CA. The maximum members are eight at a time. This company teaches quickness, speed power, strength through pushups and other fun workout techniques. Follow @kazeacademy and the coach’s personal account @kwizerakevinkarel on Instagram.

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