Maiza Hixson Endorses Mayoral Candidate Cathy Murillo

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Maiza Hixson is suspending her campaign for Mayor and endorsing Councilmember and Mayoral Candidate Cathy Murillo. Hixson announced her candidacy in May of 2017 and has since campaigned on a platform to make Santa Barbara a more artistic, affordable, progressive and environmentally sustainable city.

“I am announcing my withdrawal from the mayoral race and am endorsing Cathy Murillo for Mayor of the City of Santa Barbara. This is a close race and it is urgent for progressive democrats to support Murillo’s candidacy. On behalf of the thousands of artists in this community, I have sincerely appreciated having Mayor Helene Schneider, Councilmember Murillo and other members of city council serve as a sounding board for our creative ideas. I will continue to advocate for artists to have a seat at the table with city leaders.”

-Maiza Hixson, Artist, Co-Director, Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology 

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