Low Cost Clinic Now Has Openings

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The Low Cost Clinic is for families, couples, and individuals who can't pay full fees for counseling and do not have insurance to cover their expenses. We don't currently have a waiting list, and clients can usually be seen within a week.

FTI's sliding scale fee for the low cost clinic is $30-$75. per hour. (805) 882-2424 x115 or email info@ftisb.org for more info. Be sure to leave a callback number, and brief description of what you need help with. Our intake coordinator will respond within 48 hours. Click here for more info.

This opportunity is available as part of FTI's advanced training program. For all other clients, the normal fee schedule applies. This non-profit organization was founded in 1979 to serve individuals, couples, children, and families in our community, to train professionals in the use of effective therapies, and to educate the public about issues relevant to the family's improved health and well-being.

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