Local Photographer Takes to the Sky

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Local photojournalist, Daniel Driefuss, takes to the air to create works of art; www.Lost Above.com offers fine art canvas prints of beautiful Santa Barbara as seen from the sky.

Driefuss began his photography career in high school, taking pictures of friends and family. With 15 years of experience and after attending the Brooks Institute of Photography, he is capturing everything from breaking news to high-end commercial advertising photos for local, national and international clients. Winning a number of awards for his work throughout the last 15 years, Driefuss’ works have been printed coast-to-coast in publications including, but not limited to, the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, and the Associated Press.

His travels have taken him all around the world to countries including Ireland, Scotland and Vietnam. While traveling, Driefuss recognized the unique aspect of artwork from an aerial perspective. As he put it: “The view from above creates exciting shapes and views that the mind might not otherwise perceive. It fulfills a sensation that human beings have always desired - the ability to fly.”

In 2017, Dreifuss progressed into the fine art world, focusing the camera on a unique aerial perspective of Santa Barbara. Learning to fly a drone, and receiving his 107 pilot certification in December 2017, he created Lost Above.

"The views from above are amazing. Living here for almost ten years, every time I fly, I gain a new appreciation for just how beautiful Santa Barbara is," Dreifuss said. Flying his drone over beaches, the wharf, mountains, roads, and areas less traveled, he has created a viewpoint that is often missed from the ground. "I try to capture the true art of Mother Nature and life in Santa Barbara", Dreifuss explains, “I have created a great business showing off Santa Barbara. Progressing into fine art prints was a great way to expand my drone photography business and to display my creativity."

Lost Above will be showcasing artwork on June 7, 2018 at the August Ridge tasting room in Santa Barbara as part of the 1st Thursday event. Prints will be available for sale starting at $60 and August Ridge will be offering $7 glasses of wine.

LostAbove.com offers premium pro prints of these spectacular aerial photographs with a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

Dreifuss also provides real estate photography/video, custom aerial photos and uses his drone for photojournalism assignments.

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