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Marta Jorgensen is a Solvang resident and script and song writer. Ms. Jorgensen stated, “All anyone talks about today is fake news. Donny is a musical drawn from my observations and experiences with tabloid media. Ever stand in line at the check out and see tabloid papers with outlandish headlines and later hear how they are being sued? It is humorous & satirical and a very entertaining view of the rotten and controversial situations brought on by making things up. In my story, a plot within a plot unfolds a hysterical twist of characters, dialogue & scenes, while profoundly commenting on today’s pop culture & society. Thematic elements explore love, revenge, family loyalty and bad play reviews.” The author’s aim is to create a score that mirrors today’s music.

One reader noted by saying, "Marta's writing style is humorous, witty & enjoyable. There isn't a scene without laughing out loud every few lines. The identifying ability with one's life and pop culture is thoroughly enjoyable and a fulfilling, entertaining experience. I laughed continuously every time I read the play and never tired to hear it again. It's an audience pleaser with great points. Gave it my thumbs up & best wishes".

Ms. Jorgensen is launching a Hatchfund campaign to raise money for her play. The money will go towards a composer/ arranger to complete the play’s musical score. The campaign goals are $4000-5000, running form September 1 to October 31, 2017.

For additional information, please contact:

Marta Jorgensen
330 5th Street F
Solvang, CA

About Hatchfund:
Hatchfund’s mission is to provide resources and support to the artists who advance culture and inspire brilliance. Projects on Hatchfund enjoy a 75% success rate. This crowdfunding service is free for artists with donors helping fund operations with small additional donations. For more information, visit:
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