Landed Home Offers Contact Free Home Delivery

Landed Home Offers Contact Free Home Delivery
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Landed Home Delivery has launched a home delivery service that combines fresh breads, produce, juices, coffee and meats from a host of Southern California local businesses into a single home delivery.

In one online checkout, customers can purchase artisan bread and pastries from BREADBAR LA, Cold Pressed Juice from California Juice Company, organic coffee from Centri Coffee, as well as fresh produce, dairy, flowers, and California wines.

Montecito resident Guy Solan had been shipping wine for several years, but with restaurants closed and stay at home orders in effect, he saw the need for home delivery of fresh, quality foods, not just wine. “Home delivery is very difficult for local retailers, especially specialty retailers. You need a lot of volume to make it work – and even then, it’s still hard” says Solan.

Landed Home Delivery operates on a very tight schedule – all the products are picked up in the morning from local businesses then delivered to homes across Santa Barbara the same day. Customers are offered scheduled delivery windows starting from next day to a week in advance, depending on availability. The home delivery fee is $10 which goes entirely to the driver. There are no other fees.
“I am so excited to be part of this project where I am working alongside other small businesses to figure out how we can better serve our customers. I am so amazed at the effort our partners have put in to make this work.” says Solan.


Landed Home Delivery offers a single, contact-free, scheduled delivery of fresh groceries from a variety of local specialty food retails. Partners include BREADBAR LA, California Juice Co., Centri Coffee and Ventura Meat Company.

Landed Home Delivery is online at

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