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goa taco is stoked to announce the opening of their fifth location at 718 State street, Santa Barbara. We would really appreciate and love for you to spread the exciting news!

goa taco has been slinging paratha tacos on the Lower East Side of NYC since December 2014. Since opening on the Lower East Side, goa has been thrilled to garner some major food critic attention, including The New York Times (Critics’ Pick), New York Magazine (Critics’ Pick, The Best New Cheap Eats in New York), Eater LA (The 10 Hottest Tacos in Los Right now, Spring 2017), Eater NY/Robert Sietsema (An Eater’s Guide to the Lower East Side, 60 Cheap Eats Destinations You Should Know About in NYC), Time Out New York (100 best eats and drinks in NYC 2015), and Travel and Leisure (10 Unusual Tacos Redefining the Genre).

goa taco is not your traditional taco. As a taco shell, we use paratha, an Indian flatbread, which we like to describe as the buttery flaky lovechild of the tortilla and croissant. Within this, we add imaginative flavors inspired from all over the world – slow-roasted pork belly, pickled red cabbage and chipotle mayo; recado rojo lamb shoulder, eggplant salsa, tzatziki; spinach pesto paneer cheese, garam masala fried chickpeas, pickled tomatillo, arugula. We source only the freshest local quality ingredients from suppliers we know and trust. We have and always will stay true to our core value: Always be faithful to quality.

For the Santa Barbara outpost, our largest location yet, we are super excited to offer our signature paratha tacos, beer and wine from local and international favorites, as well as a selection family style shared plates. We have been carefully curating these plates to fit with goa’s approach to the “world’s cuisine as one large lending library” (New York Times). We are committed and passionate to deliver fresh and seasonally-focused fare, and to draw on influences from the lively farmer’s market culture that is ultimately signature to Santa Barbara. The current vibe of goa taco will be fostered: a light, fresh, fun, and trendy environment, with a strong emphasis and faithfulness to quality local produce.

We hope you can share our exciting news with the community of Santa Barbara, and we hope for you to pay us a visit, or two, real soon. Also, we plan to be open late on weekends and have all our paratha tacos and a snack selection available for takeout.

Yours sincerely,

Duvaldi Marneweck

chef-owner, goa taco

E duvaldi.marneweck@gmail.com

W: www.goataco.com

Instagram: @goa_taco

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