Womens Self Defense Course

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Womens Self Defense Course
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Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:30

Here is a quick little break down of what to expect All though it may feel intimidating to train. It is absolutely essential that we are prepared and at have the knowledge to use the tool of violence to protect ourselves. This being a physical training and a hands on interactive course, self defense classes are fun, high energy and motivating with light exercise. Some basic striking drills and simulated self defense scenarios. Classes build up your mental capacity and physical readiness in case of an actual attack while working with a motivated group of ladies, pushing each other through all obstacles. Working on personal space and assertive responses. Learn to recognize threats starting with situational awareness.Practice to react quickly aggressively when needed to defend your life or that of a loved one. Strike effectively and safely to minimize injury. Know where to strike and cause debilitating injury that will allow you to flee or fight back as needed. Strengthen the body and mind, and train like never before. No experience necessary. All levels welcome ages 12 and up!

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