Way Back When in 1918: Betsy Green Booksigning

Way Back When in 1918: Betsy Green Booksigning title=
Way Back When in 1918: Betsy Green Booksigning
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Saturday, December 22, 2018 - 11:00 to 16:00
  • Saturday, December 22 from 11:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Santa Barbara Arts in the La Arcada Plaza (1114 State Street)

SB History & Humor Book Released Historian/humorist Betsy J. Green looks for fun and interesting stories in Santa Barbara’s century-old newspapers – so you don’t have to!

Think of all the time she’s saving you. This year, she went through the Santa Barbara newspapers (and the Carpinteria paper) day by day, looking for interesting or quirky stories from our area in 1918. Green’s motto is: “I don’t write about the mayor – unless he slipped on a banana peel.”

“Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1918,” the fifth book in her series that highlights the best stories of the year, is now available – perfect timing for the gift-giving season. Here’s the best part – it’s just been published, so those people on your gift list who already have everything don’t have this book yet. Hah! How about that?

“Interesting or quirky stories in our area?” Really? Like what? Like how about:

  • A racecar driver drove into Gibraltar Reservoir (before it had water in it).
  • The circus came to town with 600 people, 400 animals, and marched up State Street. Schools cancelled classes because they knew no self-respecting kid could resist.
  • Sharks slithered in Goleta Slough.
  • The “Flying A” company filmed a movie on San Marcos Pass in which the leading lady’s costume consisted of talcum powder and seaweed. (Maybe the seaweed was itchy?)
  • The 1918 SBHS yearbook was full of jokes, such as: Teacher: What is a synonym? Student: It’s a word you use when you don’t know how to spell the one you thought of first.
  • A wild thunderstorm in July “woke up every baby in 15 miles.”


200+ stories in all The price is an affordable $14.95 – way cheaper (and funnier) than the new Montecito history book that costs $50 more!

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