Voter Integrity in America

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Voter Integrity in America
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 19:00


Special guests: Brian J. Fox Open Source Advocate and Computer Voting Expert, Mark Manning Documentary Filmmaker, Ruben Major Candidate for California Secretary of State and other representatives.

November 15, 2017 7:00 PM at the Unitarian Church

Indivisible Santa Barbara is sponsoring an event addressing the American Voting System and Voter Integrity. In the last presidential election, before the electoral vote computer scientists advocated a meaningful recount of votes in the swing stages where there were statistical inconsistencies in the voting. Santa Barbara resident Brian Fox was one of those computer scientists. Brian Fox is one of the computer scientists that advocated a recount and who is a founding member of both the California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO) and the National Association of Voting Officials (NAVO).

Together with award winning documentary maker Mark Manning (the Road to Falujah and the soon to be completed feature documentary “The Rising” also a Santa Barbara local) they produced a short film – “My Vote Is Mine” – outlining those inconsistencies that represents just the tip of the serious problems in America’s voting system. The film is even more compelling now that it was at the time due to the continuing revelations of Russian interference and possible Collusion.

The film “My Vote Is Mine” (6 minutes) will be shown with a discussion of how California and other states handle voting, deceptive myths about decentralized voting, how the voting system and registration is manipulated and more. Invisible Santa Barbara welcomes continuing members, new members and the public to this event.


Indivisible Santa Barbara is a nonprofit advocacy organization, centered in Santa Barbara that utilizes the methods laid out in the Indivisible Guide as well as other approaches. Our mission is to stand against Trump and the current administration’s agenda at the federal, state and local levels.

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