This week "Solutions News Radio" will welcome Dr. Brian von Herzen

This week "Solutions News Radio" will welcome Dr. Brian von Herzen title=
This week "Solutions News Radio" will welcome Dr. Brian von Herzen
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Friday, May 31, 2019 - 05:00 to 06:00

The new weekly local radio show, “Solutions News Radio,” hosted by Rinaldo Brutoco, president and founder of the World Business Academy, will air live this Friday from 5-6 p.m. on KZSB 1290 AM radio. There will be replay broadcasts Friday from 11 p.m.– 12 a.m., Saturday from 5- 6 p.m. and again on Sunday from 9 -10 a.m. The show is also available on demand as a podcast on Apple podcasts, SoundCloud or the website.

This week’s guest is climate scientist Dr. Brian von Herzen, Executive Director of the Climate Foundation, and an advisor for the Drawdown Project. Once a systems engineering consultant, Dr. Von Herzen now devotes his life to reversing global warming by restoring the primary production of oceans, using kelp and other seaweeds. Primary production is the creation of organic compounds from carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

Oceans face a dire situation. They absorb half of the carbon dioxide recaptured from the atmosphere, which causes acidification, and over 90 percent of the heat from global warming. Ocean deserts are expanding. Von Herzen wants to restore marine life in subtropical waters with thousands of new kelp forests—what he calls marine permaculture.

Dr. Brian von Herzen obtained degrees in physics, engineering and planetary science from Princeton and Caltech, respectively, where he was a Hertz Fellow. At Princeton, Brian worked closely with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). His dissertation on global climate models validated orbital variation effects on climate. Currently, the Climate Foundation is deploying a Phase 2 Marine Permaculture in the Indian Ocean to validate benefits to seaweed mariculture and to demonstrate the biological response of commercially relevant macroalgae to deep water upwelled to the surface. This is a key step in developing scaled MPs, which enable larger offshore open-ocean seaweed cultivation that use the vertical shear of mesoscale eddies for maneuvering. Tune in Friday to learn more about Dr. Brian von Herzen and his work to help the ocean and Earth in the fight against climate change. Tune in on Friday at 5PM to learn more about the incredible solutions Dr. von Herzen is developing to support food security, heal the oceans and build a more sustainable world!

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