This week "Solutions News Radio" will welcome Barry Schoer

This week "Solutions News Radio" will welcome Barry Schoer title=
This week "Solutions News Radio" will welcome Barry Schoer
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Friday, August 9, 2019 - 17:00 to 18:00

The new weekly local radio show, “Solutions News Radio,” hosted by Rinaldo Brutoco, president and founder of the World Business Academy, will air live this Friday from 5-6 p.m. on KZSB 1290 AM radio. There will be replay broadcasts Friday from 11 p.m.– 12 a.m., Saturday from 5- 6 p.m. and again on Sunday from 9 -10 a.m. The show is also available on demand as a podcast on Apple podcasts, SoundCloud or the website.

This week’s guest is Barry Schoer, licensed psychiatric technician. Schoer first discovered his passion when he was advised by a high school counselor to volunteer at a school for disabled children. Schoer worked as an undergraduate to help change the laws in New York State so that individuals with addiction were placed in treatment rather than in jails and prisons. During his graduate program, Schoer interned at Bellevue Hospital, where he was trained and then hired as a licensed psychiatric technician. It was here that he observed everything he believed to be wrong with mental health treatment.

He eventually moved to California because he had researched that treatment of mentally ill individuals was far more advanced and compassionate on the West Coast. While spending his time working in the psychiatric unit at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, various nonprofits, and the County of Santa Barbara, he focused on finding ways to improve treatment and open new opportunities for children and adults living with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues.

In 1983, Schoer was asked to take on the position of Executive Director of the Board of Sanctuary House. Initially saying he would only stay for a max of 2 years, he is still there 35 years later because the Board of Directors allowed him to nurture and grow Sanctuary Centers into a comprehensive system of care that puts respect for each client first. Tune in Friday to learn more!

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