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The Frisch Approach
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Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 08:30
Peter Frisch and The Frisch Approach have announced an impressive line-up of classes for 2019, including two in Santa Barbara.  The session begins on January 27th.  
Mr. Frisch, a nationally-renowned teacher, director and producer, has taught many successful actors including Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore who said: “The method that Peter taught is still one that I use today - he gave me the tools to access, emotionally and intellectually, very dense material. He allowed me to see that with every character, every piece there is always a way that is deeper and truer than you first imagine.”
Sunday nights will host The Breakthrough Class, where actors identify and break limiting habit patterns and thereby increase their acting range as they discover new physical, vocal and emotional possibilities.  
Thursday nights feature Creating Impact on Camera.  Actors acquire and employ an in-depth knowledge of shooting on camera and the filming process combined with elements of the acting craft to create impact on camera.  
For complete information, view or call 805.451.6789. 
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