The Dangers of the Drive for the Perfect Body

The Dangers of the Drive for the Perfect Body title=
The Dangers of the Drive for the Perfect Body
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Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 06:00

cycle with your diet, fitness, or health? This is the place for you!

Join Crystal Stokes, Redefining Freedom for Ambitious Women, for a surprising and inspiring mini-workshop about the Dangers of the Drive for the Perfect Body. Ambitious women know that having a healthy body is fundamental to having the high and sustainable energy needed for long-term success, and happiness. However, the drive for that “perfect body” may sideline your best attempts to reach big goals and build the life you truly want.

Ambitious women are especially prone to striving for perfection in all areas. Does this sound like you? When this drive is applied to the body the results can be physically painful, harmful, and even detrimental to our career and relationships.

Crystal will expose major diet and fitness myths that are harming your body, how the drive for perfection is part of the problem, and what you can do about it NOW! You’ll leave with actionable tips and a fresh perspective about your body and health.

Bring a friend or two, relax, and enjoy some yummy snacks and drinks on us! Best of all, this is a FREE gift just for you!

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