The 5 Steps to an Abundant Future with Matt Powers Author of The Permaculture Student 2

 The 5 Steps to an Abundant Future  with Matt Powers Author of The Permaculture Student 2  title=
The 5 Steps to an Abundant Future with Matt Powers Author of The Permaculture Student 2
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Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 10:00 to 12:00

5 Steps to an Abundant Future
with Matt Powersauthor of The Permaculture StudentSaturday, August 12, 2017
10am-Noon, Free

Location: South Coast Watershed Resource Center
Arroyo Burro County Beach Park (Hendry’s Beach)
2981 Cliff Drive Santa Barbara CA 93109
I’ve focused my energies on translating the information I’ve found into forms that everyone,
especially children, youth, and families, can learn, understand,
and use permaculture in their daily lives. Matt Powers

Please join Santa Barbara Permaculture Network on Saturday, August 12, as we host a morning talk with ecological designer, educator, and author Matt Powers, as he shares the 5 Steps to An Abundant Future, that he suggests are needed to guarantee an abundant future for humans and the planet.

Seeing permaculture as a powerful tool, Powers wants permaculture to become a household word, that ultimately finds its way into households and communities everywhere.

A design science that uses the patterns and systems of nature to provide sustainably and regeneratively for both humans and the environment, permaculture solves all the insurmountable problems of our modern world. Loss of topsoil, deforestation, and pollution can all be addressed and reversed, and regeneration can be achieved, as documented in a multitude of permaculture projects around the world.

The 5 Steps to an Abundant Future Matt Powers proposes are:
Building Soil
Growing Forests
Restoring the Oceans & All Waters
Regenerating Biodiversity
Rewilding Human Culture

And the good news, with these 5 steps, we can begin to reverse climate change, sequester excess carbon, clean up gnarly pollution in the air, water and soil, and bring back nature, all with the whole systems thinking of Permaculture.

Matt will also be sharing and speaking about his recently published book The Permaculture Student 2, that is designed for students, teachers, families, and learners, as a year-long curriculum filled with projects, activities, and formulas combined into one easy-to-understand volume. With up-to-date information, the book provides a holistic and comprehensive exploration of the philosophy of permaculture.

Matt Powers is an educator and high school teacher with a master’s degree in education. A true Renaissance man, he is also a professional musician and song writer, a plant breeder, seed saver, and gardener. He has collaborated with leading global experts on soil, mycology, ecology, permaculture design, landscape restoration and regenerative farming, and alternative energy. With his books Permaculture Student 1, and The Permaculture Student 2, he created a curriculum for K-12+college students all over the world, with translations available in Spanish, Polish, and Arabic with French and Italian coming soon.

Powers’ own interest in permaculture was inspired by a desire to live a better, healthier life for himself and his family, as a result of his wife’s third bout with cancer. As he and his family began studying food, healthy living, and organic gardening, in this search, they ultimately discovered the positive, solution oriented philosophy of permaculture.

Books will be available for purchase at the event.

Brown bag with us! Stay around to picnic in the park following the talk. Lemonade and chips provided, bring your own brown bag lunch. Children welcome.

The FREE event takes place on Saturday, August 12, 2017, from 10am – Noon, at the South Coast Watershed Resource Center, located in the Arroyo Burro Beach County Park (Hendry’s), 2981 Cliff Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93109. No reservations required. More info:,; 805-962-2571.

A Community Event Sponsored by
Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

Event Co-Sponsors: Explore Ecology & AMA SeaBeauty

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What is Permaculture - Matt Powers:

In the simplest of terms, permaculture is a way of seeing the world through nature’s eye, a lens through which to view the world based on three ethics Earth Care, People Care, and Care of the Future. This requires constant observation and adaptation as nature is constantly changing. Permaculture is action-oriented: it provides a framework for ecological and sustainable problem solving and design. It can be applied to anything because everything is sourced in nature, it’s patterns and it’s cycles. The way cites are designed , food is grown, homes are heated and communities interact can all be redesigned using permaculture lens to be sustainable, ethical and regenerative.

The Permaculture Student 2: A Collection of Regenerative Solutions, by Matt Powers

Article: The Permaculture Student 2: A Guidebook For The Future:

Matt Powers online courses:
The Permaculture Student Online and Permaculture Gardening with Matt Powers. Matt is also the host of Permaculture Tonight, an iTunes & SoundCloud podcast, and a resident horticultural and gardening expert at the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company


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