Science Pub: Trade, Borrow, Steal: How Life Exceeds its Metabolic Potential

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Dr Holly Moeller
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Monday, October 8, 2018 - 18:30

Join our fun and friendly conversation, and quench your thirst for knowledge about science and nature. No tickets or reservations required, but be sure to get to Dargan's early for a seat and to order your favorite drink and food. At Dargan's Irish Pub & Restaurant, 18 E. Ortega Street. FREE admission.

Living organisms are fundamentally constrained by their metabolisms: What if metabolisms could be changed, within an individual’s lifetime, by borrowing (or stealing!) from other species? Join Dr. Holly Moeller, Assistant Professor, Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology at University of California, Santa Barbara as she explores how organisms from microbes to humans to trees extend their metabolisms and transform their ecological roles and evolutionary paths.

Photo credit: Kenneth Kostel at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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