SBAcoustic GUITAR SUNDAY Workshops

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SBAcoustic GUITAR SUNDAY Workshops
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Sunday, September 15, 2019 - 11:00

Alex de Grassi Workshop: "The Orchestrated, 3D Sound", 11am

Solo guitarists must provide all the components that you might expect to hear in a band or orchestra: melody, harmony, rhythm and bass lines. Just as individual instruments would be directed to play their parts with particular dynamics and articulations, a solo guitar performance must also shape each of the parts to deliver an orchestrated, "three dimensional sound".

Alex will demonstrate the use of dynamics, accents, and articulations by presenting excerpts with tabs from his unique compositions and arrangements. He will also be happy to answer questions about the creative process or just about anything else. Bring your guitars!!!

Andrew York Interactive Workshop: 1pm

Andrew will explore, demonstrate and discuss topics in the classical and jazz guitar idioms based on the participants’ interests and requests, including harmony, composition, arrangements, repertoire, improvisation, ensemble work, technique and performance anxiety. Andrew crosses over stylistic boundaries with an unusual authority - besides his classical contribution, he also has an extensive background as a jazz guitarist and is on the faculty of Guitar study at CSUF College of the Arts School of Music Classical Guitar Program.

Carl Verheyen: Play the Blues, 3pm

Carl will present a workshop exploring the signature sounds of Delta, Chicago, Texas, Piedmont, Jazz and British blues focusing on the acoustic with some electric guitar. Carl’s “4 levels of sophistication in the blues” concept will teach students to move between the ornamentation of each style and have a deeper understanding of this great American art form. Buy a concert ticket and come have fun. All levels welcome.

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