Rumi Study Group: My Religion is Love

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Rumi Study Group: My Religion is Love
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Sunday, February 9, 2020 - 02:00 to 03:30

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”–Rumi
Led by founder and director of the Rumi Educational Center, Dr. Fariba Enteshari, participants will learn more about ancient teachings within Rumi’s poetry. Rumi wrote 60,000 verses of poetry 800 years ago in a restless era where the world around him was divided and at war. Rumi’s poetry and teachings encourage unity, consciousness, and enrichment of our hearts. While Rumi’s teachings and poetry are inclusive, they also help the individuals to a personal connection to the Divine. The group activities promote understanding of the concepts in Rumi’s wisdom teachings in the stories of his masterpiece, the book of Mathnawi, the book of enlightenment. Participants will learn the language, imagery, and storytelling within Rumi’s Poetry. They also will become familiar with the beauty of the poetry, and enjoy the poetic rhythms and melody in the original language of Farsi. Explore the secret within his poems that took him to ecstasy, unity, and love.
All are welcome to come learn and share! The gathering is interactive and encourages the group members to share their stories. The seekers will be sharing their reflections on poems and are encouraged to journal their reflections. Music, meditation, and movement will also be a part of some of the gatherings.

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