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PCCA / Pacific Coast Christians in the Arts
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Saturday, June 9, 2018 - 09:00

Rev. Dr. Warren Simandle is an alumnus of Fuller Seminary. He also attended Cal Berkeley. He was on the Young Life staff for 12 years, including 2 years in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 6 years founding the urban ministry in the City of San Francisco. He holds 2 Masters Degrees: one in Missions and the other in Hebraic Studies. Rev. Leanne Simandle is a licensed minister of music and worship and a graduate of Westmont College with a secondary teaching credential.

Warren and Leanne are the founders/directors of their ministry called ChapelARIEL. Their goal is to unearth the Hebraic roots of Christianity through presentations of their Biblical Festival Banners, classes and community wide celebrations of the three pilgrimage festivals in the Bible: Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.

On June 9th, at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 9 A.M., Leanne, Warren and Shelley Coldren, who drew the latest version of Banners, will be leading worship with a Hebraic focus. They will then present their banners and the three aspects of each festival: The inaugural historic event that Moses initiate, the commemorative act that God commanded and what Jesus did/will do to fulfill each one.

PCCA always extends an open invitation to the public to all of the monthly, second Saturday gatherings to enjoy and hear and see the artists speak, dance, sing, play or create about their Christian faith. Also if one would like to be part of the creatives feel free to visit our website and make a request.

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