New Podcast Focuses on Living Long and Joyously

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New Podcast Focuses on Living Long and Joyously
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Monday, May 20, 2019 - 14:30

This week, local multi-media artist and author Beth Amine is launching her new online radio show based on her book Joyous Every Day Living. The show is hosted on a new community podcasting network, Hub for Podcasting.  Beth is best known for her public art such as Moby Dick on Santa Barbara’s Stearn’s Wharf, belly dance performance, emceeing of dance shows, life coaching,  inspirational talks and senior movement programs for every body and ability.

The weekly show will feature information on how to create a joyous, fully alive lifestyle and as Beth says with a big smile, “Party till checkout time!”  

Each new episode will air daily on the 24/7 stream for a week and are posted on Beth’s page on the Hub for Podcasting network.  Shows will also be distributed on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.   
Beth is excited to share her experiences, insights and humor with a national audience. The basic subject of all the shows is how to generate and maintain Joy throughout our lives and become accustomed to feeling good so that we consciously choose thoughts and actions that sustain a healthy, fulfilled and vibrant life.

The show will use the sequential structure from her book, Joyous Every Day Living, to frame information as well as discussion on spontaneous topics and an “unplugged session” with Patti Teel, founder of the new network. Show notes are also available as well as upcoming mediation tapes. As Beth says, “The possibilities are limitless!”

Beth Amine has been dedicated to the exploration of self expression through multi-media art for nearly five decades. She is a coach, teacher, speaker, writer, visual artist and dance performer. She is the founder of Joyous Movement, a Fun Dance Experience for Every Body and Ability, which provides inspirational movement classes for individuals with a wide variety of physical and cognitive capabilities. Her passion is to encourage joyous every day living for everyone through the arts, celebration and community.

 "Joyous Every Day Living" is a fresh, mind-altering and practical guide to sustaining joyous, healthy living throughout one’s entire life cycle. The book combines art, poetry, writing and science for a multi-layered experiential journey into personal power and inspired living. It is a simple system for cultivating maximum aliveness through a combination of up-leveled thinking and lifestyle habits. It provides a new, positive, self-empowered approach to prevailing paradigms of how we must live and mature. Meant for everybody, first time spiritual seekers as well as seasoned students of self-awareness, it is an invitation to party till checkout time!

This link gives a chapter by chapter description of the Joyous Every Day Living lifestyle system.

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