Mock Film Festival “SPLIFF” to Take Santa Barbara by Storm

Mock Film Festival “SPLIFF” to Take Santa Barbara by Storm title=
Mock Film Festival “SPLIFF” to Take Santa Barbara by Storm
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Friday, January 24, 2020 - 18:30

Actors are feverishly rehearsing their lines, accents and choreography for the Fishbon Arts Collective’s latest foray into interactive theater – The San Pesci Legends International Film Festival, cunningly abbreviated as “SPLIFF”.  This riotous and dramatic event, coming to SBCAST on Friday, January 24th, is designed to be a satire of both film festivals and celebrity culture.

“It’s a completely fake film festival,” says writer/producer Bryan Snyder, “with actors playing the roles of directors, publicists and Hollywood stars.  For attendees, the experience we’re trying to create should be equivalent to walking into a Christopher Guest mockumentary.”  The evening features a red carpet ceremony, Q&A panels and oddball short films, but behind the scenes, status-obsessed actors and agents will enlist the attendees’ help in sabotaging the careers of their fellow award nominees.  Ticket-holders can join the paparazzi, collect autographs for profit, or simply sit back and enjoy the show.  However, the fun lies in the opportunities for interaction.

“We’re hoping everyone takes the interactive element to heart,” says Snyder.  “By losing themselves to the glitz and glamour and rubbing elbows with our, admittedly, fake celebrities, they should have quite the night of adventure.  Plus, we’re counting on them to be bribed by our actors to help move the plot along!”

SPLIFF characters include: Rick Derringer – an action hero movie star whose career is in the doldrums but can still quip with the best of them: “I do my best acting through my fists, and they never ask for a second take.”  Romantic comedy legend Sharma Daily, who has recast herself as a spokesmodel for the vegan processed food company Nevermeats.  And SPLIFF Executive Director Dean McGaff, who has personally stood next to over 120 celebrities.

The Santa Barbara nonprofit Fishbon is an arts incubator that provides space and opportunities for struggling artists to develop their craft, and their themed fundraiser parties are legendary in the underground arts community.  

SPLIFF is an evolution of these fundraisers, open to the public and promising to be a unique hybrid of party and theater performance.  Previous interactive theater events spoofed New Age society and totalitarian regimes.

“This is truly meant to be a loving satire,” says Snyder, “and the subject matter is something most Santa Barbarans can key in on, thanks to the heavy presence of film festivals in our town, and our proximity to Hollywood.”  Attendees will also get to sample cinematically-themed libations, Indian delicacies by Nimita's Cuisine, music by DJ Gryphn and aerial performances by Elevated Dreams.  “Just don’t be late for the 7:00 red carpet ceremony,” adds Snyder.

View the SPLIFF trailer at:
Tickets and information can be found at  Tickets $30 at the door.  21+ only.

WHERE: SBCAST, 513 Garden Street, Santa Barbara
WHEN: 6:30pm-10pm Friday, January 24th

TICKETS: $30 Door, $25

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