Mascot Books Publishes Birth of an Angel

Mascot Books Publishes Birth of an Angel title=
Mascot Books Publishes Birth of an Angel
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 08:00

Mascot Books announces the release of Birth of an Angel by Petra Malinova.

Every time a child is born, they are blessed with certain gifts. Each birth is the creation of a new little angel, and each little angel is special. This heartwarming story of love and devotion shows just how special these births truly are.

As a survivor of domestic violence that extended to her son, Petra Malinova knows how difficult it is for parents and children in family court. She has chosen to write stories to help children in difficult situations remember the power within them, which is the real magic behind creating the happily ever after that we all deserve.
Petra is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in child and adolescent psychology. She lives in Santa Barbara, and you can find her on Facebook at The Best is Still to Come. Birth of an Angel is her first children’s book.

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