KCSB Presents: Sun Araw / Ahnnu / [[[personablack]]]

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Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 19:00

91.9 KCSB-FM invites the UCSB campus community and guests from the surrounding area to a night of eclectic music by a trio of acts based in Southern California. Hailing from Long Beach, experimental musician and producer Cameron Stallones’ Sun Araw band headlines the evening. The concert opens with the innovative live sounds of Ahnnu (aka Leland Jackson), who creates minimalist collage beats, and the solo electro-acoustic designs of [[[personablack]]] (aka Joshua Carro) — both from Los Angeles.

This alternative “welcome / welcome back” event illustrates the unique character of Santa Barbara’s only full-power FM community-radio station, which has studios adjacent to the same outdoor courtyard under UCSB’s Storke Tower where the October 6th proceedings will be taking place. KCSB’s special events — which include live musical performances, open mics, lectures, town forums, and film screenings — bring home the diversity and global reach of our radio programming’s musical genres, along with the artistic, subcultural, intellectual, and demographic excellence of this University of California campus and the greater communities of which we are a part.

Musician, producer, and head of the label Sun Ark Records, Cameron Stallones, who performs under the alias Sun Araw, is a former member of the psychedelic rock band Magic Lantern. Stallones’ more singular project Sun Araw has made him a prolific force in independent music for the greater part of the last decade, during which time he has released several full-length, albums, and a number of EPs, split records, and cassettes that have either been released by Sun Ark or by the likes of Thrill Jockey and Not Not Fun Records. His alias also pays homage to the late avant-garde jazz legend Sun Ra, with whom Stallones shares some rather experimental aesthetic tendencies and mind-expanding ideas.

According to dublab radio, Sun Araw’s stylistic range moves “from psychedelic drone to melted afrobeat, from warped dub to minimal composition.” In 2011, Stallones also traveled to Jamaica with M. Geddes Gengras where they “recorded a collaboration album with roots reggae legends The Congos.” (Another side project with Gengras since involves releasing dancehall singles and other music by artists from in and around Kingston.) Sun Araw’s own blend of guitar, synth, and percussion is both minimalist and chaotic at the same time. The act’s off-kilter phrases and melodies are partly the result of Sun Araw’s sampled loops and distorted vocals.

Leland Jackson’s Ahnnu blends ambient sound collage with complex rhythm and structure. His work incorporates elements of hip hop, glitch, and IDM while maintaining a rather distinct and otherworldly overall effect. His electronic works have been released by NNA Tapes, Leaving Records, and Rap Vacation.

CalArts graduate Joshua Carro is a versatile multimedia artist, percussionist, sound designer, producer, teacher, and composer based in Los Angeles. Since 2011, Carro’s solo project [[[personablack]]] has been the main focus of his sound and artistic research. [[[personablack]]] is a solo electro-acoustic drumming project that cross-pollinates with many musical and artistic genres from antiquity to modern experimental noise and sound design.

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