Kardboard Kayak Races

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Kardboard Kayak Races
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Saturday, July 8, 2017 - 12:00

SBMM’s Kardboard Kayak Race challenge teams to a battle of wits, design, and courage! Teams of up to 4 will receive 2 sheets of cardboard, 1 roll of tape, a marker, a utility knife, a yardstick, and one hour to construct a functioning kayak. Then they will be ready to race other teams in their heat, finding out whose design can hold up to the pressure of paddling out to a buoy and back. The Kardboard Kayak Races are divided into separate heats, with prizes awarded to participants in the Family Fun heat (geared toward family groups with younger kayak paddlers) and the Paddling Pros heat (geared toward adult and/or “skilled” competitors). Speed and construction design will be the true test!

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