Jan. 20 - Plan out Your Best Life & Make Impact, a workshop at the Impact Hub with Robin Elander

Jan. 20 - Plan out Your Best Life & Make Impact, a workshop at the Impact Hub with Robin Elander title=
Jan. 20 - Plan out Your Best Life & Make Impact, a workshop at the Impact Hub with Robin Elander
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Sunday, January 20, 2019 - 14:00


A workshop with Robin Elander of Global Good Impact & Summer Solstice Celebration

WHAT: Yoga, Meditation and Life Planning Workshop: Enjoy a short pause from your daily routine to envision your best life, make a realistic plan to bring it to fruition.

DATE & TIME: Sunday, January 20th, 2-6 PM

WHERE: Impact Hub Santa Barbara, 1221 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara 93101

COST & REGISTRATION: $45, Register for the workshop at the link below. https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/15judb5sfmtr

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring your own yoga mat and towel, water bottle, journal and something to write with.


Has your 2019 started without a plan? Don't worry, that's the case for most people. Good news is... it's never too late to start. A realistic plan helps you get where you want to go and simplifies daily decisions, even if it veers off course from time to time.

In this 4-hour life-planning workshop, we get serious about priorities, specific about goals and create a realistic action plan that will guide you toward a successful future. We focus on ways to master juggling the challenges that inevitably confront us, and cultivate peace, joy and fulfillment in your life all while making a positive impact for the greater good.

An introductory yoga class will get us moving, followed by meditation and guided visioning to open our minds and hearts to all that is possible. After that, we will have time for guided journaling, discussion and time to envision and plan out your next steps.

Many factors go into achieving your goals. Clear personal and professional boundaries, strategies to mitigate fear and overwhelm and how to get past your own "stuff" are just a few examples of discussion topics.
Participants will leave the workshop with a clearer focus of their goals and how they want to reach them.

Yoga not for you? Not to worry!

If you've never been to a yoga class before, this might be a good time to watch or participate. Yoga means different things to different people and it is more than just movement. You can decide what feels good to you, and which aspects you may want to incorporate in your life. Take what works for you and leave what doesn't. You won't know until you try.


Robin Elander is the Director of Global Good Impact, (www.globalgoodimpact.com) a company dedicated to empowering individuals and building stronger communities through educational programs, community projects and specialized consulting. Robin has over 15 years of experience planning hundreds of community building projects, initiatives and events. She shows people how to overcome fears, mitigate obstacles, make a plan and turn ideas into realities.   She enjoys working with individuals and organizations to make positive impacts in their lives, and fostering connected, thriving communities. Robin is also a trained yoga instructor and lover of all things outdoors. She lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her partner Rob and two teenage boys. Robin is also the Executive Director of the Summer Solstice Celebration, one of the largest parades and festivals on the West Coast. Global Good Impact is based in Santa Barbara, CA.

For more information contact:  globalgoodimpact@gmail.com, 805-216-1223

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