Jack Johnson Concert & EcoVillage: All At Once

Jack Johnson Concert & EcoVillage: All At Once title=
Jack Johnson Concert & EcoVillage: All At Once
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Monday, July 17, 2017 - 18:00

At the Santa Barbara Bowl

An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.

Welcome to All At Once, Jack Johnson’s social action network where you can make a positive change in your local and world community: connect with non-profit groups, take environmental action, and receive rewards. All At Once promotes Sustainable Local Food Systems and Plastic Free Initiatives. 

Your Actions * Your Voice * Your Choice

Support Sustainable Local Food Systems

  • Your Actions: Support local school and community gardens and join the growing Farm to School movement.

  • Your Choice Choose to buy seasonal, locally grown, organic food.

  • Your Voice: Speak up for your vision of a sustainable local food system.

Support Plastic Free Initiatives

  • Your Actions: Get educated! Reduce plastics in your school, business, or community.

  • Your Choice Choose to be Plastic Free! Make the switch to reusable bags, cups and bottles, say NO to plastic straws, and purchase products without microbeads or plastic packaging.

  • Your Voice: Speak out for alternatives to single-use plastics

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