Is it time to shake up your speaking?

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Monday, March 19, 2018 - 09:30 to Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 12:00

So, you're in a rut with your speaking. You know you could be making a greater impact and delivering a more compelling and effective message to bring in clients, volunteers, donors or customers, but where do you begin?

Maybe you lack confidence in your ability to engage. Maybe you need more practical experience. Maybe you love speaking but have become complacent and lazy about continuing to improve. Maybe you just need some targeted feedback so you know what to keep and what to chuck from your speaking arsenal.

Are you:

An author?
A nonprofit leader?
An entrepreneur?
A coach?
A fitness trainer?
A financial planner?
An artist?
A healthcare provider?
A C-level executive?
A winemaker?
A consultant?
An engineer?
An event planner?
A program director?
A therapist?
A real estate agent?
A scientist?
An activist?
A doctor?

Or... someone else who uses (or would like to use) speaking to build their business or to spread the word about their cause?

Are you someone who could be rocking stages (board rooms or ballrooms) with your message, but you're not quite there yet?

And here's the BIG question: Are you achieving your desired results from speaking?

Are you building your reputation, your credibility, your visibility in the world?

Join Public Speaking Coach Lisa Braithwaite from March 19-21 for her 2 1/2-day public speaking retreat, Shake Up Your Speaking: Get Real... Get Results!

You'll have the opportunity to connect with your fellow entrepreneurs and professionals in a small, intimate coaching group, learn and practice new speaking skills, and get inspired to break out of your routine, up your game, cut loose, and actually have FUN when you speak (no matter the size of the audience)!

The Shake Up Your Speaking retreat will cover both practical skills to improve your presentations, and mindset factors that are holding you back from being as effective and powerful on stage as you could be.

Visit for more information and to register, but don't delay; there are only four spots left!

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