Inviting Wheelchair Users to Join NatureTrack on the Beach!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022 - 17:00 to 19:00

(Santa Barbara, CA) “We’re trying a new day of the week and time for our monthly Trax trips hoping those who could not make the monthly Sunday trips might find a Wednesday after work better. Plus, it’s a great time to enjoy the cool vibe at Leadbetter Beach. We hope many wheelchair users join us," said Sue Eisaguirre, Founder of NatureTrack. On Wednesday, July 6, from 5 – 7pm, NatureTrack will be at Leadbetter Beach with seven Freedom Trax for wheelchair users to use, so they can enjoy the beach right up to the water's edge if they choose. And it's free. Feel the ocean mist on your face. Let’s make this a new kind of Happy Hour, or two. Come meet the folks at NatureTrack and see Freedom Trax in action at the beachfront. Gustavo, one of the first-time Freedom Trax users put it simply, exclaiming as he whizzed down the beach saying, “It’s faaan-taaas-tiiic!”

NatureTrack will have seven Freedom Trax available for wheelchair users to use on a first-come, first-served basis. Please sign up online, our form is found under the Field Trips tab. This apparatus quickly and easily converts a manual wheelchair into a battery-powered, all-terrain vehicle allowing users to traverse beach sand and trails independently. “It’s faaan-taaas-tiiic!”
A lot of the small sail boats in the harbor go out around the same time weekly for “Wet Wednesday” so there’ll be plenty to see. "It's difficult for wheelchair users to enjoy the beach the way most of us do. But now, with the Freedom Trax, wheelchair users can enjoy traversing the beach independently. The beaches are now inclusive of all abilities," said Eisaguirre. Wheelchair users and the public have been giving the devices and NatureTrack high marks for providing this kind of experience. Many have family members who are no longer ambulatory and are so excited to be able to include them in a future family outing. Her mission of connecting everyone to nature just took a huge leap from its’ original mission of getting schoolchildren out into nature to include seniors and people with disabilities discover the wonders surrounding us here. “It’s faaan-taaas-tiiic!”

Two manual wheelchairs will be available for transfer should your wheelchair not fit on the device. “It’s faaan-taaas-tiiic!” what Gustavo said. Come see for yourself.

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