How to Pay the Least for College

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How to Pay the Least for College
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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 18:00

Wondering how you are going to afford college? Feeling overwhelmed by how much has changed since you applied? This workshop is for you. Two experts will cover financial strategies to maximize potential aid and what's new in the world of college applications. Leave with concrete tips on how to plan ahead and reduce your stress.

Rebecca Cross works in the financial planning industry and has a particular interest in helping families plan for college. 529 plans may NOT be your best option. Learn why and what may be better alternatives to protect your assets.

Holly McCord Duncan is a former college admission officer who started Smart College Admission to help families navigate the college application process. She realized most families ask the wrong questions and limit their options.

They help parents of college-bound teens through the maze of getting there.

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