Haunted Pumpkin Patch: An Immersive and Theatrical Experience

Haunted Pumpkin Patch: An Immersive and Theatrical Experience title=
Haunted Pumpkin Patch: An Immersive and Theatrical Experience
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Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 08:00 to Friday, October 29, 2021 - 22:00

Isla Vista Recreation and Park District (IVRPD) is thrilled to announce that in the spirit of Halloween, it will be hosting a Haunted Pumpkin Patch in Estero Park that people of all age groups can enjoy. The Haunted Pumpkin Patch, presented by Lucidity LLC, is a multi-day event with state-of-the-art lighting, audio, and visual decorations that provides a safe and family-friendly Halloween theatrical experience in Isla Vista. This premier event features a vibrant and interactive guided tour, led by costumed performers through a variety of unique environments as guests unfold the homespun tale of the Pumpkin King’s Folly and the Pumpkin Queen’s quest to save her kin and “set the spirit of Halloween free” ultimately picking up a pumpkin at the end.

“Our vision was to curate an experience that different generations represented in Isla Vista could enjoy together and celebrate the creativity that local artist’s ability to enhance a recreational opportunity within our parks” said Kimberly Kiefer, General Manager of Isla Vista Recreation and Park District. “We felt it was important to offer the community a fun way to enjoy the Halloween spirit, safely together again.”

Pumpkin Patchers will revel in Lucidity’s signature light projection, aerial acrobatics, and bamboo sculptures as they make their way to the “exit portal” where each group, upon learning the story’s dramatic conclusion, will receive a souvenir pumpkin for them to take home.

"Lucidity is ecstatic over the opportunity to create an immersive theatrical performance celebrating Halloween in collaboration with Isla Vista Recreation and Park District,” says Jonah Haas, Lucidity’s Marketing Manager and Co- Founder. “This is something we've been dreaming about for some time, as we always seek to bring deeper story- driven narrative structures into the events that we produce. I feel like the Haunted Pumpkin Patch that we have planned will do an amazing job of capturing the essence of the Halloween spirit, will appeal to an audience of college students, community members, and local families, and will lay the groundwork for more epic collaborations in Isla Vista parks into the future."

The event is free of admission and is focused on serving the community of Isla Vista. Adult supervision is recommended for guests under the age of 10. No food or drink will be served or sold. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted. This event will be held in accordance with all applicable local health and safety guidelines, and Santa Barbara County festival ordinances. IVRPD will continue to monitor COVID-19 and provide event updates or modifications, as needed.

Event Sponsors & Funding

This event has been made possible by a generous donation from our event sponsor, the Isla Vista Community Relations Committee (IVCRC). Isla Vista Recreation and Park District (IVRPD) also wishes to express its thanks to the Recreation Committee and Board of Directors for approving the use of Measure O funds to implement this recreation event.

Timeline & Important Dates

• October 21st: Install Fencing around Event Site
• October 24th: Overnight Security begins and continues through October 30th
• October 24th -26th: Event build from 8am-5pm daily
• October 25th: Pumpkin, Straw Bale, and Corn Stalk delivery
• October 27th – 29th: Main Event Dates, 7-11pm daily
• October 30th-31st: Event Breakdown, 8am-5pm daily

Event General Run of Show

• 3:00pm: Staff Arrival at Event Site
• 5:00pm: Staff Walkthrough
• 7:00pm: Event Start Time
• 11:00pm: Event End Time
• Event Staff Contacts (Day of):
o Luke Holden, Executive Producer: (805) 203-0345
o Ron Glover, Assistant Executive Producer: (805) 451-2764
o Luis Valerio, IVRPD Recreation Coordinator: (805) 350-8833
o Kimberly Kiefer, IVRPD General Manager: (805) 680-4300
o IVRPD Park Ranger: (805) 319-0672
o IVRPD Main Office: (805) 960-2017

Marketing & Outreach

• Noozhawk
• Daily Nexus
• Isla Vista Edhat
• Independent
• Facebook Invitation
• Local Door Hangers
• IVRPD social media | Newsletter

Key Partners

• Lucidity LLC & Guardians
• Isla Vista Community Relations Committee
• The Environment Makers
• Fishbon Arts Collaborative
• Alysia Michelle James Music
• Autumn Lotus Performance Coordinator and Cirque Movement
• Third District Supervisor’s Office of Joan Hartmann
• Santa Barbara County Fire Department and Isla Vista Foot Patrol


• Jonah Haas, Marketing Director and Lucidity Co-Founder: jonahhaas@gmail.com
• Luis Valerio, Recreation Coordinator, Isla Vista Recreation & Park District: lvalerio@ivparks.org
• The Guardian Team, Event Security: info@theguardianteam.com
• Press Kit and Event FAQs: ivrpd@ivparks.org
• Isla Vista Foot Patrol Non-Emergency Dispatch: (805) 683-2724

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