Glenn Dallas Gallery Presents Blue: A Homage to Picasso

Glenn Dallas Gallery Presents Blue: A Homage to Picasso title=
Glenn Dallas Gallery Presents Blue: A Homage to Picasso
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Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 17:00

Glenn Dallas Gallery invites the community to the opening of Blue: An Homage to Picasso on Thursday, February 7th from 5-8pm. The exhibition will showcase artworks inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period from numerous regional, national and international artists. Guests can expect live music, local libations & interactive surprises throughout the evening.

Picasso’s Blue Period lasted from 1900-1904 and is symbolic of his early career. After the suicide of friend & fellow artist Carlos Casagemas, portraits of Casagemas and solitary figures such as prostitutes, beggars, and drunks were prevalent in Picasso’s paintings and drawings. While Blue Period pieces are now considered valuable among historians, collectors, and appraisers, Picasso sold very little during this time yielding extreme depression, isolation, and manic behavior.

Santa Barbara artist Elske Free elaborates her inspiration in creating work for the exhibition.

“Picasso’s blue period was influential to me in my study of the ability of color and line to expressive powerfully emotive tones through simple means.  I could not relate personally to this period of work until I suffered an injury in 2015 that kept me out of the studio during a particularly prolific creative period.  When I was finally able to begin drawing, I could not help but work in blue and black. This experience strengthened my emotional connection to color in a way that I relate directly to Picasso’s blue period.”

The exhibition is curated by gallery director Laila Alamiri. For more information, email

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