Free Film Screening // Monsters and Men

Free Film Screening // Monsters and Men title=
Free Film Screening // Monsters and Men
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Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 18:00

Cup of Culture
Monsters and Men
Wed, April 24th, 6 PM
Film Screening/MCC Theater

Simultaneously subtle and on-the-nose, this original yet under-cooked examination of the pressing issue of police brutality centers on three characters — an eyewitness who captured it all on his phone, an African-American police officer routinely confronted by racism on the job, and a local high school student who’s transformed from passive Multiple Central Coast Locations bystander to activist by the events — who serve as the prismatic lens by which first-time director Reinaldo Marcus Green considers the myriad ramifications of such an event. 1h 38m

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