“Discover the Five Wisdoms”

“Discover the Five Wisdoms”  title=
“Discover the Five Wisdoms”
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Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 19:00

Dawa’s 5 Week Course When you are trapped in limiting beliefs, unskillful behaviors and emotional bias, the liberating wisdom of Buddha nature can seem inaccessible. Yet, this alternative way of understanding the reality of our daily experience is always accessible for those who embark on the path to pay close attention. This course introduces you to the transformative power of seeing things as they are and welcomes you deeper into the midst of the Wisdom of the Five Buddha Families.

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Appreciated by students for his joy, insight, and clarity of presentation, Dawa Tarchin Phillips embodies the unique perspectives of Western scholarship and neuro-scientific research and the traditional training of an authentic Buddhist Lama.

Bodhi Path Buddhist Center
102 W. Mission Street
Santa Barbara CA
[email protected]

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