Creating Culture From The Inside Out

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Creating Culture From The Inside Out
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Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 17:30

You’ve probably heard it said many times - Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. This phrase, coined by Peter Drucker (an influential management consultant and author about management theory and practice), points out the importance of the culture in any company’s success - even over a rock-solid strategy.

The problem is that more often than not, companies create a surface-level culture that pales in comparison to their strategy, firmly putting strategy at the head of the table…leaving the proper execution of that strategy to chance.

Come to Transformance Culture Consulting’s Seminar - Creating Culture from the Inside Out and learn the 5 keys to creating a transformative, high-performance culture that unleashes your team’s performance and works synergistically with your strategy to support your company’s unbridled success.

1117 State St. Kiva Cowork
In the Jungle Room

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