Chi = Life Force.

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Chi = Life Force.
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Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 17:00


Artist Reception on 1st Thursday, November 2, 5-8! 

Exhibit dates: October 31 to December 4, 2017!

Title: Chi = Life Force.

Chinese Brush Paintings in watercolor medium, subjects including Running Style Chinese calligraphy, Animals, Florals,  and Landscapes.

Artist Reception: 1st Thursday, November 2, from 5-8 PM!

Painting Demonstrations: November 18, from 11-5 pmin Gallery 113, 1114 State #8, La Arcada Ct. SB

Artist Statement: Suemae Lin Willhite delivers delicate fine lines and dynamic brush strokes with ease, grace and clarity. Chinese calligraphy & brush painting are ancient and revered fine arts.  Chinese calligraphy depicts beautiful images in dynamic dancing movements with the rhythm in music.  The ink is singing as the brush is dancing. 

Suemae comes from a family of artists and scholars of Taiwan. She draws her ideas from nature and spiritual inspirations.  She paints when she is inspired by a vision in her mind’s eye from a wide range of subjects and compositions with a unique style of Chinese impressionism, abstract, and her own Asian Fusion.  Painting is like a form of meditation her soul and she comes way with so much joy from the process.  At an early age, Suemae learned from her grandfather and renowned masters from Taiwan. She strives to achieve spirit, vitality, and a timeless quality in her paintings. Painting is like a form of meditation for her soul and she comes away with so much joy from the process. Suemae teaches Chinese Brush Painting at The Santa Barbara City College since 2008.  Please visit WWW.SUEMAEART.COM. Email:


Current Exhibitions Around Santa Barbara

China Palace
1070 Coast Village Road
Montecito 565-9380

Saigon Restaurant
1230 State Street & 3987 State St
(Granada location & 5 Points)
Santa Barbara 966-0909

Itchban Restaurant
1812 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara

Please join us to Learn Chinese Brush Painting!

2018 Workshops at SBCC.
School of Extended Learning
Please go to their website & learn how to register for classes. My class will be from Jan to May, 2018. 
Location: will be at Wake Center, Room #7 on
When: Wednesdays, from 1-4:30 PM.


2018 Carpinteria ART Center
workshops at 1-3:30 on Tuesdays & Saturdays!

Private lessons are available upon request!
Any questions, please feel free to contact:

Visit Online Gallery: WWW.SUEMAEART.COM

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