CEC's 2021 Virtual Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

CEC's 2021 Virtual Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival title=
CEC's 2021 Virtual Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival
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Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 12:00 to Saturday, April 24, 2021 - 18:30

The virtual 2021 Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival will feature three days dedicated to stepping into climate leadership. Join in on conversations with climate leaders, get into the groove with musical performances and art contests, build community and connect with eco-minded exhibitors, and learn how you can lean into climate action at this urgent moment. 

Each day will celebrate a key area where climate leaders are stepping up to do the critical work needed to combat the climate crisis:
April 22: Youth Leadership
April 23: Business Leadership
April 24: Community Leadership

CEC will also use the three-day event to outline and dive deeper into the organization’s ambitious plan for how our community can meet the urgency of the climate crisis and go all in together on halting the impacts of climate change – rapidly and equitably – through three major efforts:

> Reverse: Push for ambitious, equitable zero emissions and zero waste goals for the energy, transportation, food, and agriculture sectors
> Repair: Tap into the power of nature to draw down excess carbon from the atmosphere and repair the disrupted carbon cycle
> Protect: Safeguard the health of our general public and vulnerable populations from the impacts of climate change already underway

The event will also support local businesses and organizations by featuring an array of exhibitors who will share their eco-friendly products and services on the dedicated online platform where the event will take place. Register to be an exhibitor at https://sbearthday.org/register.

Learn more and livestream the event on SBEarthDay.org from anywhere you are! CEC’s Santa Barbara Earth Day is fully online again in 2021 due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

About the Community Environmental Council (CEC): Recognized as a 2020 California Nonprofit of the Year and 2020 City of Santa Barbara Climate Hero, CEC has worked since 1970 to incubate and innovate real life environmental solutions that directly affect the California Central Coast. Our current work advances rapid and equitable solutions to the climate crisis – including ambitious zero carbon goals, drawdown of excess carbon, and protection against the impacts of climate change. Our programs lead to clean vehicles, solar energy, resilient food systems and reduction of single-use plastic. Learn more about why CEC is one of only five nonprofits in Santa Barbara County to have the highest possible ratings on Charity Navigator and Guidestar at CECSB.org/impact. Find CEC on the web at CECSB.org and on Facebook.com/CECSB, Instagram.com/CEC_SB, Twitter.com/CECSB, and LinkedIn.com/CECSB.

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