Brazilian Day SB and Brazilian American Heritage month in SB County

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Brazilian Day Santa Barbara
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Saturday, November 19, 2022 - 10:00

The Brazilian Cultural Arts Center of Santa Barbara (BCACSB) is
bringing back the Brazilian Day Festival on Saturday November 19th from 10am to 6pm at Casa
de la Guerra and De La Guerra Plaza. This event is an opportunity for the entire Santa Barbara
community to enjoy the vibrant culture of Brazil.

The County of Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors presented BCACSB with a Resolution
recognizing the month of November as Brazilian American Heritage Month in Santa Barbara
County on Tuesday November 1st, 2022. This honor was presented to Mariano Silva after over
two decades of work bringing the arts and culture of Brazil to Santa Barbara.

Mariano SIlva commented: “This is a huge accomplishment for the Santa Barbara community
and a great opportunity for all to celebrate the rich culture of Brazil. It is my honor to host the
Brazilian Day festivities and bring awareness to cultural arts education and entertainment at this
free event.”

Brazilian Day festivals are much anticipated events throughout the nation, bringing thousands of
spectators to major cities including New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. This
Brazilian Day Santa Barbara will be the first in the Nation to be held in November to highlight the
contributions of all Brazilians to this vibrant culture. In Brazil, November is a month to honor
Black awareness (called Dia de Consciencia Negra), which celebrates Afro-Brazilian culture,
including the leaders of the Black liberation movement.

Mariano Silva is a local living legend bringing over three decades of experience as a teacher,
performer, artistic director, and community leader. Mariano Silva is a Master of the Afro-Brazilian
martial art of Capoeira and teaches academic courses in Capoeira at the University of California
Santa Barbara and travels teaching workshops throughout the world. Mestre Mariano Silva’s
academy, Capoeira Relampue is based in Santa Barbara California at the BCACSB. Mestre
Mariano Silva also leads Capoeira Relampue academies in Ventura, San Diego, San Luis
Obispo and Brazil. Mariano Silva has been an active community leader for over 20 years in
Santa Barbara and has partnered with many organizations over the years to share his unique
perspective and background in cultural arts such as the Police Activity League, Boys & Girls
Club, Girls Inc, Children’s Creative Project, Local Elementary and Charter schools and the

American Diabetes Association along with many others. Mariano Silva is passionate about
using art as a tool to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and build community.
Brazilian Day Santa Barbara will feature non-stop entertainment at De la Guera Plaza and Casa
de la Guerra including live Brazilian bands, dance classes for the community, Kids Fun Zone,
workshops and performances, Samba dancers and Carnaval Parade, Brazilian Bikini Fashion
show, local vendors, Brazilian Food and Oakberry acai, a beer garden featuring local brews and
bar featuring tropical Brazilian Cocktails.

This event is free to the community and we welcome all to celebrate this cultural festival
together! Save the date November 19th 2022 and we will see you there! Go to for more information and RSVP to participate.

About the Brazilian Cultural Arts Center of Santa Barbara:
The Brazilian Cultural Arts Center of Santa Barbara (BCACSB) is a 501c3 Nonprofit formed in
2012 in recognition of the transformational power of the Brazilian cultural arts. This
transformational power is harnessed by Mestre Mariano Silva and his team as they empower
individuals and build community. Each class and event is an opportunity for participants to
experience the joy and rich tradition of self-expression through music, dance, and culture. The
BCACSB empowers community members through arts education, inspiring creative
self-expression to move beyond physical, mental and emotional challenges. With martial arts,
dance, drumming, language and music we encourage our community to embrace diversity and
embody self-confidence through classes for all ages and levels. BCACSB enhances the
vibrancy of Santa Barbara and beyond by providing space for community members of all ages
to come together to learn and grow through art including:
● Classes in Brazilian cultural arts including dance, capoeira, and music.
● Events enhancing the community exposure to Brazilian cultural arts.
● Youth programs that keep children engaged through music, language, and movement.
● Enriching cultural exchanges beyond tourism through trips to Brazil and work-study
programs for Brazilian artists.

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