Artist Talk | Shana Moulton

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Artist Talk | Shana Moulton
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Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 17:30

Join us for a conversation between artist Shana Moulton and Alexandra Terry, Chief Curator. The pair will discuss Moulton's current exhibition at MCASB The Invisible Seventh is the Mystic Column, in particular the titular artwork of the exhibition, which was filmed and edited during the artist's COVID-19 quarantine.

Shana Moulton works with video, installation, and performance to explore the anxiety, isolation, and mystical journeys of her alter-ego, Cynthia, as she traverses an evolving, yet cyclical loop of self-diagnosis and treatment. Moulton’s video series Whispering Pines, originating in 2002 and named after the senior mobile home park run by her parents near Yosemite, follows Cynthia on surreal and uncanny adventures as she attempts to reconcile societal anxieties while grappling with existential discomfort. Appropriating New Age therapies, personal wellness products, physical movement, and spiritual healing, Cynthia attempts transcendence, navigating the complex territory of self-excavation and self-care in her search for meaning.

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