Art without Limits to hold Career Steer with Dug Uyesaka

Art without Limits to hold Career Steer with Dug Uyesaka title=
Art without Limits to hold Career Steer with Dug Uyesaka
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Event Date: 
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 17:00


Please join us Tuesday, July 18, 5-7:30pm. Refreshments and socializing are at 5pm, Dug will begin the workshop at 5:30.
Your a talented, trained and dedicated artist. 
What choices are optimal for funneling your attributes into an 
art career?
You have honed your talent as an artist. You need some clues about who to show your work to, how to make the next jump to get it seen, marketing and maybe a hint or two about your work. What new choices do you have to take you across the threshold as a successful artist?
Dug Uyesaka, welcoming 2017 ACDC attendees
On Tuesday, July 18, artist, educator, and arts community activist extraordinaire, Dug Uyesaka, will guide you to making some new choices. He will give personalized recommendations to attending artists about having their work shown and give suggestions for taking the next steps in your career. You are welcome to bring samples of your artwork on an iPad or cell phone with data or a flash drive. 

Dug Uyesaka has been a working artist and involved in the SB community arts scene since the 1970's. He is an instructor in the Visual Arts Department at Laguna Blanca School, and was awarded a LBS Faculty Excellence Award for Middle School and a William T. Colville Foundation grant for the arts. In 2010, he was the recipient of The Arts Fund Individual Artist Award for Assemblage and Collage. Dug recently had a one man show at Westmont's Ridley Tree Museum of Art, and is on the SB Arts Advisory Committee. Dug knows everyone in the arts in Santa Barbara.

"Being able to nurture and help facilitate our students' imaginations and artistic talents here at Laguna and in the community is a gift. It fuels my spirit and hopefully enriches their lives forever. It doesn't get any better than that." 

~Dug Uyesaka
Rabobank (by Milpas roundabout) 
3 Doors to the Right of Bank Entrance
914 Carpinteria Street, Santa Barbara, 93103
Suggested Donation $20
Sliding Scale Available
Space is limited. Please Pre-Register at  



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